Sustainability and CSR

Our commitment to the sustainability of the environment aligns with Vision 2030. We have aligned our company’s policy with sustainability in mind. Corporate social responsibility is not just a strategic priority for us but is at the heart of what we do. From the staff we employ and the food we source, we strive to make meaningful and positive changes.


Food Sources:

But we don’t stop there. We’re committed to something bigger – how and where we get our ingredients and how we care for people in our restaurants and supply chain. Our chicken is sourced locally in Saudi Arabia from the best source of poultry in the country to decrease carbon emissions and support Saudi-made products. Our meats are brought in from Holland, Russia, and Australia; only the best, high-quality products are accepted.

Environmental Sustainability:

At Feb 22 we use recyclable packaging to ensure that we align with environmental values. Packaging is an essential part of food manufacturing. Sustainable food packaging is about reducing the ecological footprint of packed food


NO-Plastic Policy:

We aim to reduce the ‘unnecessary’ use of single-use plastics in our production line as much as possible. It covers our kitchens, back-staff, front-staff, and corporate offices.


Paperless Policy:

At Feb 22 we have introduced a paperless policy intending to provide a more sustainable solution for work and the environment. We aim to stay on top of our day-to-day management. With our paperless policy, we help our organization stay in compliance by ensuring the documents are up-to-date, and employees have the information they need. Digital files reduce the unnecessary use of paper, ink, toners, and storage spaces and provide a more sustainable environmental solution.